Dung beetles boost soil nutrition and reduce parasite numbers in new research project

2 May 2020
Central Western Daily

Dung beetles have been used in a research project to boost soil nutrition, improve water permeation and radically reduce fly and parasite numbers.

The project started in late 2018 by the Dung Beetle Ecosystems Engineers and aims to import and mass rear three new species of dung beetle including the Onthophagus vacca, Onthophagus andalusicus and Gymnopleurus sturmii.

Charles Sturt University's Professor of Applied Ecology and joint chief investigator Geoff Gurr said the project has successfully completed the first objective ahead of schedule.

"Over 24,000 spring and summer active dung beetles have been distributed to 50 farms across the Central West, southern Australia and Western Australia in recent months to be carefully reared and monitored by trained producers," he said.

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