Getting dung beetles

The Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers (DBEE) project is currently rearing beetles for distribution to select sites. This includes new species of beetles that are currently not available in Australia. To register your interest in participating in the project, please visit our get involved page.

Listed below are commercial suppliers that may be able to assist you with dung beetles that are ideal to your needs.

Current suppliers

Dung Beetle Solutions International

Contact: Dr Bernard Doube
Phone: 08 8339 4158
Location and distribution: Based in South Australia and provides for winter-rainfall regions.

Creation Care

Contact: Greg Dalton
Location and distribution: Based in South Australia. Distributes through Dung Beetle Solutions.


Contact: John Feehan
Phone: 0414 938 621
Location and distribution: Based in Canberra. Distributes beetles throughout Australia.

Puppis Baw

Contact: Gemma Thomson
Location and distribution: Based in NSW. Supplies dung beetles for release on a domestic scale.

Dung Beetle Innovations

Contact: Dr Shaun Forgie
Location and distribution: New Zealand. Supplies dung beetles as a package to cover four seasons.

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