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20 July 2019
Phil Davis - Livestock Producer
Phil Davis - Livestock Producer

The Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers Project would like to hear from landholders about your experiences with dung beetles. Are you interested in filling a seasonal ‘gap’ in dung beetle activity on your farm? Do numbers seem to be down as a result of any recent events such as sustained drought or previous flooding?

Several levels of beetle activity monitoring will be run by DBEE. While the intensive monitoring is being managed by us we welcome input from groups wishing to be involved in less intensive monitoring. Data from across Australia will be a huge benefit to the DBEE project and allow us to get a big picture of dung beetle activity. If you would like more information on how your group or school might get involved please contact us.

The dung beetle rearing and distribution team are especially keen to work with anyone interested in discussing the possible development of commercial rearing of beetles.

The Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers (DBEE) program is seeking partners. Please visit our expression of interest page to find out more