Technical reports

Technical reports

The reports listed herein were created as a result of projects associated with dung beetle research in Australia. Some of these reports are available to the public, while others listed are not. Please feel free to use reports available for access as references for further information.

Technical report – Summaries

Title Author Source Download

What is the effect of dung beetles on gastrointestinal nematodes of stock?

Year: 2021
Fowler, S and Weston, P. Download

The release, and monitoring the establishment of, Onthophagus vacca and Bubas bubalus in high-care field rearing environment in southern Australia

Year: 2018
Doube, B. Download

Filling the gaps in the distribution of Bubas bison on the Fleurieu Peninsula

Year: 2018
Doube, B.

Field establishment of dung beetles in South Australia

Year: 2016
Doube, B. Download

Integrated Project - Dung beetle activity in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales

Year: 2016
Hopkins, L. G.

Importation of two winter-spring active dung beetles for southern Australia

Year: 2015
Wright, J.; Gleeson, P. and Robinson, F. Download

Dung beetles and internal parasites of sheep

Year: 2011
Coldham, J. Download

A survey of dung beetles from the Moggill Creek Catchment, Brisbane

Year: 2011
Montieth, K. and Kenyon, T.

The impact of dung type and irrigation on breeding and survival of the dung beetle Bubas bison in the Charleston region of South Australia

Year: 2010
Doube, B.

Introduced dung beetles in Australia 1967-2007: Current status and future directions

Year: 2009
Edwards, P.

The pasture growth and environmental benefits of dung beetles to the southern Australian cattle industry

Year: 2008
Doube, B. Download

Dung beetle survey of southeast Queensland

Year: 2007
Feehan, J. Download

Review of MLA Project. The pasture growth and environmental benefits of dung beetles to the southern Australian cattle industry

Year: 2007
Davison, T. and Caskill, M. Download

The distribution and abundance of summer-active dung beetles in the Tarago Water Catchment, Northern Gippsland, Victoria

Year: 2004
Doube, B.

Improving sustainable land management systems in Queensland using dung beetles

Year: 2003
Edwards, P.

Australia's introduced dung beetles: Original releases and redistributions

Year: 1996
Tyndale-Biscoe, M.

Western Australian Dung Beetle Project. Final Report to WADA. Technical report on the Western Australian dung beetle - bushfly project - the use of a quarantine facility attached to the Australian Animal Health laboratory, Geelong, Victoria, for the importation and colonisation of exotic insects

Year: 1992
Steinbauer, M.J. and Wardhaugh, K.G.

The biological control of dung in Australia

Year: 1982
Australian Meat Research Committee Download

Australian dung beetle project 1965-75

Year: 1976
Bornemissza, G.F. Download