Video resources

The DBEE project team have developed a series of short videos to introduce the Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers project and our featured stars……Australian imported and native dung beetles…… to our diverse stakeholders including livestock producers, consultants, local landcare groups, students and instructors. We have designed the videos to answer specific questions that frequently are asked about dung beetles, project objectives, services provided, trapping and introduction to on-farm distribution sites. As the project evolves, we will be creating additional videos featuring information on management and identification of dung beetles too!

Introduction: Benefits of dung beetles

Length: 6:11

The introductory video presents Dr. Russell Barrow, project field technical coordinator, describing project objectives and ecosystem services provided by successful establishment of dung beetles in Australia. Livestock producers describe the benefits of dung beetles on farm and how their presence has impacted soil, pasture and livestock health.


Technical videos

In these videos, project field technical coordinator Dr. Russell Barrow from Charles Sturt University, provides technical information for those interested in monitoring dung beetle activity, determining impact of dung beetles on farm, and simple protocols for trapping and monitoring, or introduction of dung beetles on farm. 

How to setup traps to identify dung beetles in your area

Length: 10:06

How to release dung beetles on your property

Length: 1:41



What is a dung beetle?

Length: 0:35

What is the DBEE project?

Length: 2:14

Why import dung beetles?

Length: 1:25

How do dung beetles prevent fly infestations in paddocks?

Length: 0:52

Where do dung beetles go between seasons?

Length: 0:42

Do you need more dung beetles on your property?

Length: 0:52

How long does it take for beetles to be effective?

Length: 0:34



O. Binodis 24 hour timelapse

Length: 0:40
Source: Dung Beetle Innovations (NZ)

O. Binodis 3 day timelapse

Length: 0:37
Source: Dung Beetle Innovations (NZ)

D. gazella 4 day timelapse

Length: 0:30
Source: Dung Beetle Innovations (NZ)

Information Sessions

Importation of dung beetle species

Length: 41:36

Extension thru partners

Length: 34.30

Ecosystem service evaluation

Length: 37.53

Delivering to farmers

Length: 31:39

A monitoring program

Length: 24:13