MyPestGuide Reporter Screenshot IOS

A communication tool for everyone to report Dung Beetle sightings.

MyPestGuide Reporter is a free photo reporting app built for the public, farmers, agronomists, landholders, pest controllers, researchers and the entire industry community to quickly and easily report pests (insects, animals, weeds, diseases) across Australia.

Users create reports using the device’s camera and GPS, then describe the pest and its surroundings, provide contact details and submit their reports. Department experts verify the report, identify the pest, map it and, most importantly, provide the user with feedback and advice. Join in and be a part of the pest reporting community. Help to monitor, manage and keep exotic pests out of Australia. Report a pest today!

  • Apple iOS App
  • Apple iOS App

For more information or instruction go to the AGRIC WA website.

Dung Beetle Reporter in the Paddock